Walk-in Without Appointment

Apply for a visa without booking in advance

Using this service you can now submit your visa application without booking an appointment.

Whether you need to travel urgently, miss your pre-booked appointment, or simply cannot book an appointment at your preferred date and time, this service allows you to submit your visa application on a day of your choosing.

Please check before you travel that this service is suitable for your visa application as some visas (eg. Tier 4 student visa) also require an interview.

This service is only available in selected visa application centres, with varying opening hours. 

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane All working days between 15:00 pm - 16:00 pm

Canberra Every Monday and Tuesday between 15:00 pm - 16:00 pm

Perth Every Tuesday and Wednesday between 15:00 pm - 16:00 pm and Thursday between 09:00 am - 15:00 pm

Find your local visa application centre to see if this service is available to you.

You can also purchase this at selected Visa Application Centres